Busking online

OK so I had a virtual busk and although i didn't earn millions one person did donate me a fiver which I really needed so it wasn't a total waste of time. I can at least get one or two supplies from the shop tomorrow now!
Loving this new Facebook live feature but can only see how to do it from my personal page.

Enjoy :)

Set includes a few of my own and also some covers of  Bob Marley, Gorillaz, Pharell Williams and The Farm.

A poem from me - 'Consciousness'

Hi folks, not sure if anyone really will read this blog or not but I thought I better start blogging again. (I deleted much of the old stuff , quality standards and all that.)

Anyway I wrote a poem that seemed to flow easily out of me and it went down really well on Facebook so perhaps I should share it here for others not connected on my Facebook page to read.

I'm not the most experienced at spoken word/ poetry but I haven't mentioned to many yet that I'm in the process of writing a book about my life as a teenager running away and living on the streets of London. (I'm currently trying to rack my brains of cool ways I can raise some cash to help fund my day-to-day living and help with the bills whilst trying to complete the book.)

I'm 17 poems in on that one so watch this space,

Anyhow, this poem that I'm posting here has nothing to do with that particular book project , but is still heart felt and part of my deep emotions all the same.

Enjoy and feel free to share the link on your Facebook or wherever if you wish.
Big Love :)