Poems From a Runaway - The coaches from Glasgow

(A true story from around age 13 living rough in London)

The coaches from Glasgow

Walking around Victoria, youd always meet a Scot,
 Whod been in London for a few days, and the rucksack that hed got,
Was so big and heavy, but his health did seem alright,
Hed be happy and be chatty, it seemed that he was bright.

Wed hang out a day or two, share our knowledge of the street,
Hed teach me how to blag some stuff Id show him where to eat.
Then after a day or two, wed go on our way,
But so very often, Id see them another day.

Perhaps it was a few weeks, a month or maybe two,
Id see them sat down begging and Id say Hi there how are you?
But they seemed a different person, and they had no time to speak,
A bag of bones and lost his spark, it seemed that hed gone weak.

And that is what I think had taught me, that heroin werent good,
It sucks your soul right down a hole, not feeling like you should..
Id tried to say hello again, but they wanted rid of me,
To beg the money to go and score, so often I would see.

And then I wouldnt really see them, I werent sure where theyd go,
Some move around or change their lives, or maybe back to Glasgow.
But I just hope that in time, that some went back to who was here,

Before being a slave and wasting life, just for the crack and gear.

Poetry written by Ben Westwood, Musician and poet. UK
Copyright Ben Westwood. 

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Follow the true story of a young teenager running away from home and the state, in a premature search for independence. In poetry. 

Making choices that often only a young mind would make, Ben tells his story and memories of being in the social services system from eleven years old, as well as 1990s London street life, as a missing runaway sleeping rough.

From angels, predators, shocking times to heart-warming moments, Musician and now debut author Ben Westwood gives an insight into the mind of a rebellious-spirited youngster trying to find his own way in the world.

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