Why I'm writing 'Poems from a runaway'

So it's an unofficial title for now, although it's looking more and more like the names going to stick.

If you've somehow randomly stumbled on this page and have no clue what I'm on about then let me into introduce you to 'Poems of a runaway'.
A collection of poems from me, a 32 year old wannabe musician reminiscing about the good ole days down in London living on the streets as a teenager between the ages of 11-15. 

The journey started off in foster care in the midlands before I found myself in the streets of the east end at 11 years old among drug addicts and prostitutes, before becoming a rough-sleeping wandering tourist through central London.
I'm currently on my 21st poem at time of writing and can't wait to keep cracking on with it to be honest.

So why am I deciding the write about my own life story through poetry? Am I really that obnoxious to think everyone will find me that interesting? 
The thing is, it's not completely about me. Sure I am the main character in the story but I really think people will enjoy reading about the many other perspectives in the book.

Plus you have to remember, this was twenty years ago now. I've been through so much stuff since that I often forget what I've been through unless i'm focusing on this book or going off on a mad one reminiscing to mates. 
I sort of doing feel I'm really talking about me, but as if it's some other teenage lad. I know what I mean anyway.

But I'm sure in the end it might be a useful resource somehow for perhaps people involved with, or thinking of working with social and family services, mental health, the police, homeless charity workers...the list goes on.

Anyway I thought I'd just explain that briefly, I hope that some good does come from me spending so much time on the project. Hopefully I'll be able to raise some funds after when it's done to get some sent out for free to foster parents. I'd love to do that!

Check out my fundraiser for part of the book project HERE

So if you don't already know, you can read the first fourteen poems written for the project HERE

And for more about how you can support the project and gain behind-the-scenes access to heaps of new content then click HERE

Thanks for reading, 
Big Love.

Ben Westwood.