A massive thanks to my poetry book project supporters.


Ok, so to tell you the truth, I've overwhelmed myself a bit. Oh well, I'm sure it will keep me on my toes!

Anyway, a massive thanks to those who have donated to my crowdfunder campaign which is now over.
So I didn't hit my £600 target but that's OK, I'll still pull it all off and give my supporters some quality film and Vlog content as well as getting some images for the book and internet stuff.

By the time the deadline had finished my fundraising campaign at hit £345 which is fantastic and I'm really happy with the support.
However if your thinking of using 'Crowdfunder' to launch a similar campaign it might be worth noting that funds only come of out peoples account on the time of the project deadline, which has sort of screwed me over a little bit.

I'll be topping up the shortfall with my own money so don't worry about that, but actually £45 of my donations haven't made it into the kitty which is why I'm going to be have to be doing some busking to top it up.
(£40 of it was my own donations to the campaign which I thought had been cleared from my bank which was empty at the time of the campaign deadline. I did think for a moment I may have had some extra money in my account but had presumed everything I'd paid on my card had been cleared.)

So yeah sort of my own fault but in a way I'm sort of lucky it was only mine and one other persons £5 donation that never made it into the crowdfunder pot, it would have been a disaster if a few others had also been skint at the time.
I'm also hoping it hasn't confused everyone else who's transactions were successful in the end, I'm presuming a few of them may have thought their donations had already been added. Sorry to anyone if it has.

Mid-way through the campaign it was obvious I wasn't going to hit target, so decided to change the 'anything over the £600 target' gets donated to The Connections at St Martins , to 15% of the total funds raised.
I would have felt a bit crappy not hitting target and not donating to them after aiming to include them in the campaign, and with just over £50 for them raised from the crowdfunder which is great, I think a charity busk is in order to top that up a little bit.

The Connection at St Martins are a great charity based in Central London providing much help for people finding themselves homeless including help with emergency housing, practical help such as washing facilities, hot food and internet access as well as organising  art/music workshops, sports, therapy groups and trips out.
They have played an important part in my teenage life and important years growing up and continue to provide support to homeless people many years on.

If you'd like to make a donation to them directly you can by visiting the following link.

Also a big welcome aboard to my new supporter members who donated at least a tenner towards my crowdfunder.
Your welcome packs and all the new unreleased content I've been writing towards my book are on their way and by the time you've read this you may already be stuck into the poems :)
I can't wait to produce you some cool film, thanks for helping me make this happen!

If you missed the crowdfunder campaign but still want to become a supporter member and gain exclusive access to all my new content as well as updates then you can find out more at the following link.
It's sort of like buying the book in advance, in digital for, but getting loads of bonus features such as poems that may not make it into the book, first drafts , films and new ideas.
Once your a supporter member you'll be a vital part of helping my book project push along, and you won't be forgotten.
Find out more here > http://benwestwooduk.blogspot.co.uk/2017/07/supporters-area-bens-poetry-book-poems.html

So that's it for now really. I'm excited about London but I've done so much yapping on about the crowdfunder that it's taken me away a little bit. I'm going to enjoy doing it but in a way I'll be relieved when it's done.
I just want to get writing again which hasn't been happening so much with all this crowdfunder stuff going on.
So time to get everything wrapped up and give these good people what they paid for.

Ciao for now!
Massive Love.
Ben Westwood.

Great news to all my followers of my upcoming book - Poems from a runaway.

I'm taking pre-orders between 31st of November until Sunday 5th of December for the VERY FIRST edition of Poems from a runaway. To get copies out over the festive period.

This will be a short and exclusive print run for anyone placing an order during this time.
After this time it will be unlikely there is a big print run until March, when the official launch campaign for my book will start.

If you'd like a copy or two of Poems from a runaway for over the winter period, then here's your chance to get your 350 page paperback written by yours truly.

If you are based outside of the UK, please contact me at benwestwooduk@gmail.com for special delivery arrangement.

Poems from a runaway - Quantity

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