Update on my book photography

I've been in London over the last week to take some photos for the book Poems from a runaway book.

"I'll just take some photos and make a film" I said. 'Should be easy' I thought.

What I didn't tell anybody is that even at the age of 32, I've never actually owned a decent camera, so all week I've been stuck on YouTube learning all sorts of stuff about photography I wish I'd learned years ago. But courses for horses I guess.

ISO 400 this, shutter-speed that. I think I'm getting to grips with it all now. 
But not even DIY photography Youtube course could prepare me for the ever-changing London scenery.
So much of what I knew from twenty years ago and really wanted to capture in the book has now simply gone, changed, been built over.

Whitechapel was interesting, it certainly had a much safer feel to it, or perhaps I'm just not seeing things. What I knew as the Royal London hospital on the face of Whitechapel High street has now closed down and the hospital has been relocated to the back.

There was no 'Gherkin' building in the skyline when I myself was in Whitechapel, so in terms of the book it feels strange to have it featured. I'm thinking perhaps getting permission for a few old photos. 
I didn't come across any old faces from Whitechapel whilst photographing there, but then again I was on my own at that time and those folk are to be found roaming in the night-time hours...it was too early even at 10 o'clock at night. 

The fire-exit of the nightclub on Piccadilly I used to sleep in, and the Lebanese restaurant next to it is now being built into something else and the doorway itself is actually blocked off.
I manage to get a few snaps with some of the 'then' Evening Standard sellers I knew from almost two decades ago when I was around late thirteen. Peter and John.
They'd sort of taken me under their wing after finding me gouching out from sleep deprivation on the steps of Green Park station.
I'd spent a lot of time hanging out with the Evening Standard sellers,and I was hoping to find George who I mainly hung out with during the time I spent there, but he's moved elsewhere but I'm tempted to track him down.

A few other contacts I was planning to meet have gone off the radar and I'm hoping will be back in touch soon.
Filming has been a bit of pain due to some technical stuff at the moments, as especially as I didn't hit target on the fundraiser it's slowed thing down a touch. 
So there's still a return trip to London to do soon for some more filming.

Anyway I thought I'd give anyone interested an update. And to my supporter members, I'll working on getting some more quality content to you, it's all in the process.
Here's a picture of me and Peter who sold the Standard at Green Park tube station.
Ciao for now.
Quick rest up needed!

Great news to all my followers of my upcoming book - Poems from a runaway.

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This will be a short and exclusive print run for anyone placing an order during this time.
After this time it will be unlikely there is a big print run until March, when the official launch campaign for my book will start.

If you'd like a copy or two of Poems from a runaway for over the winter period, then here's your chance to get your 350 page paperback written by yours truly.

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Poems from a runaway - Quantity

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