A new journey into poetry

After many years of conversations, and thoughts of doing a book about my times on the streets as a runaway teenager, I'm glad to say that I've finally done it!

I'd really wanted to share my journeys and little stories anyway, and found poetry was the best medium, for myself, to get a book completed.

I'd tried writing it as a normal book a few times, but not only did it sound a little monotonous reading myself talking about myself, but also some of the darker stories would make me malfunction for several days, unable to be creative and continue writing.
Never a state of mind of feeling sorry for myself, but just the same subconscious depressions as in my story that I'd often be unaware of.

So for me, writing it in poetry was a digestible way, to get these stories written and out, without simply droning on about myself.

Also, as a lot of it is set in the middle of London, I'd found it quite fitting.
I'm glad to know that a few of my friends seem to think it's working that way also.

I've never considered myself a poet, I guess maybe until now.
Being invited to poetry open-mic nights and similar events, I feel a complete amateur.  I'm new to all this.
So with this book comes a new journey, and one I will have to embrace if I am to promote this book properly.
The art of spoken word.

If you've stumbled on this page from google and your taste in poetry is more often poems about meadows, fluffy kittens, reflections on lakes and seed's blowing in the wind, then this book may not be for you.
(I love meadows, kittens, lakes and seeds by the way!)

Prepare to get filthy!
I may as well try and get sponsored by some shower-gel company or something because people are so gonna need a scrub after reading this.

Thanks for reading, you can find out more about my book here > http://benwestwooduk.blogspot.co.uk/p/poems-from-runaway.html

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