Can you help find this family from Plantation, Florida?

I'm not too sure if it's the case that they want to be contacted or not, but in my new book - Poems From a Runaway, I have one poem dedicated to a family that have always stuck in my mind.

 I weren't any older than fourteen I don't think, and after going through a time in life where I spent almost all of it living on the streets of London, this family were a bright spark in what had been sort of an odd world to live in.

A big thanks to WSVN 7news for doing this article and video in an attempt to reunite me with the family to say thank you.
What the news article hadn't mentioned, was that they hadn't (or to my knowledge) known I was a runaway.

Some people may take for granted the kind gestures this family showed, but it was enough for me to dedicate them a poem in my book called 'The family from Plantation'

So if you are reading, and you happen to be from the Miami area,  perhaps you might know a family that traveled to London sometime around 1998 to the year 2000, stayed in a hotel on Piccadilly and mentioned meeting up with a young boy that lived on the street.
The sister was around four years older than her brother, she had been in here school wrestling team I think I remember hearing.

My thinking is. is that it' a small world now with the internet and stuff. I'd really love to give them a copy of my book.
If you think you may know the family then please do get in touch at benwestwooduk (at)

Here is the report from WSVN 7news , a massive thanks to them for covering this piece :)

Big Love.
From Ben Westwood.

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