Finding some of the real-life characters in my story

Already I've met up with Peter who still works on Piccadilly doing the newspapers.
What was once a flower stall is now your typical West End souvenir stand.

"Big Ben!" he calls out as soon as I approach him and he spots me.
It's nice to see someone again from such a long time ago.

George, who sold the Evening Standard next to the flower stall back in the day whilst Peter sold it around the corner, had moved away.
Maybe one day I'll find him again, I'd love to. "Georgey Moore, superstar", he'd know who I was after reading that.
Apparently he's down on the south coast somewhere, if anyone knows him, get him in touch.

Neither Peter or George knew I was a runaway until after I'd told them once I'd turned sixteen and I knew that I'd be safe from anyone grassing me up.
Although both told me after that they'd suspected it.

As for the girl from Nuneaton , I wonder how life turned out for her and it would be cool to say hello. She was around nineteen years old around the turn of the millennium when she'd ran off from home, and I hope she found her way back  safely.
I don't think she had a clue I was a fourteen/fifteen year old runaway, and I'm intrigued to know where she went after climbing out of the window.

Also inside my memory list, is an Australian woman called Lia, that worked in a hairdressers in Mayfair.
She lived in Cricklewood sharing a house with two guys, one from South Africa and the other from New Zealand if I remember rightly.

I have a whole poem dedicated to her and her crew, interesting times. Thanks Lia!

If you've not heard about the family from Plantation, Florida then check out the WSVN 7news call out to them here.

And finally (for now), the lady who would play scrabble with me on the Piccadilly.
It's not often that a resident of the Athenaeum hotel on Piccadilly, comes out and sits with you at your begging spot and plays scrabble.
I'd love to find her, she really is a one-in-a-million.
Definitely a bunch of flowers coming her way if she gets in touch. Top lady. Thank you!
I think she may have been Canadian but my memory may be wrong and she could be american.

If you think you are, or may know, any of these people I've mentioned (apart from Peter, I know where to find him), then please get in touch at

Massive Love.

Ben Westwood.

Follow the true story of a young teenager running away from home and the state, in a premature search for independence. In poetry.

Making choices that often only a young mind would make, Ben tells his
 story and memories of being in the social services system from eleven years old, as well as 1990s London street life, as a missing runaway sleeping rough.

From angels, predators, shocking times to heart-warming moments, Musician and now debut author Ben Westwood gives an insight into the mind of a rebellious-spirited youngster trying to find his own way in the world.
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