Lightspeed robots and wizards at work

Yes you can manage to get a load of stuff done whilst at the same time being completely sat on your own arse!

My housemates must think i'm a total nerd. But deadlines, deadlines deadlines.

My book is about to go to print very very very soon and still last minute touch ups and found typo's have needed to be sorted.
For sure I've put myself under way too much pressure to try and release an edition for Christmas instead of waiting until next March, but I've learned a heck of a lot and somewhat have surprised myself.

So in around two weeks, I'll have an actual physical copy of my book, and this writing malarky to be honest, i don't want to stop. There's more to come out of me yet.

I finally managed to get some sleep this morning for a few hours, despite quite an intense surprise toothache popping up to do my nut in for ages. The photo of me (above) is from beforehand  when having only slept for 2 hours the last 2 nights whilst re-editing what had came back from proofing.

Thankfully a few important typo's were spotted and corrected. It's possible one or two will be found in there still perhaps, who knows.
Yoghurt Top Media also did a great job or correcting one of my major cock-ups, well I may as well admit it.

Assuming my book was all final, done and complete (before my proofs came back), I'd registered the ISBN number description as 'a 349 page short novel in poetry about'...ect ect
I didn't need to mention the number of pages on there, but it's taken a lot of work to not cowboy it together and make it finally an actually 349 page book.
So much added pressure.

There'll be a second edition coming at some point, maybe for march but I won't be making the same mistakes again for sure, nice bit of learning this, all helps along the way ay.

Ciao for now.

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