UK musician and author in bid to find the Plantation, Florida family that shown him ‘Great act of compassion’ during his time on the street as a runaway in London around year 2000.

From the age of nine, musician and author Ben Westwood began running away from home, going missing to nearby towns for sometimes weeks on end.
By eleven, he’d gone through a series of foster carers before one day leaving on a train, and ended up living on the streets of London by aged 13.

When Ben was around aged fourteen, he was sleeping rough on Piccadilly, near Green Park underground station.

During his time there he was approached by a family from Plantation, Florida that were on vacation there.
After buying him drinks and food, they had taken him back to their hotel and brought him clothes.
Ben claims he will never forget the act of kindness the family showed him, and the connection he still feels with them.
However he claims that the family may not have known he was a runaway, as he lied about his age, claiming that he was eighteen.

In a recent interview on WSVN 7News, Ben quotes
“Oh, this has stuck with me.
I’m 32 years old now, so this is like, 18 or 20 years now.”

He added – “I’ve also been spending most of 2017 writing a novel in poetry about my journey into adulthood on the streets, and a whole poem is dedicated to them called ‘The Family From Plantation’.
I’d really like to give them one of the books and perhaps the Mum a bunch of flowers, to say thanks and how special I think their act of kindness was.”

You can view the recent 7news interview at

If you think you may be one of the people on vacation in London those times around the year 2000, or you may know them, then you can contact 7news at

Or Ben Westwood directly on his Facebook page

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