A 20 year old poem, from a kid in care

Throughout my journey as kid, and even through adulthood, there have always been what seems a team of angels to keep me on the right track.
Despite being a 'Persistent absconder' and often in and out of court whilst living in the children's homes, life has always brought me one or two people that seem to really understand me.

I guess that's life ay, often judged by the moment you're in, and the cards you've been dealt.
But not by a guy called Adrian, who had worked in the 'Old Penkridge Road' Children's home in Cannock during my time there.

He told me that there was a poetry competition going on in the magazine that gets send to the children's homes and foster parents, which was called back then - 'Who Cares Magazine'. (It's not changed it's name to 'Become' , and remains a valuable resource for young people in care.

So one day I sat and wrote a poem, Adrian sent it off for me, and then I forgot about it and ran off back to London.
A few months later, when I had moved to Aldridge, near Walsall, to what were my fifth set of foster parents in four years, I was to find out I had won the under 13's poetry competition.

I'd won a Minolta camera and me and my foster parents Ann and Ted were to go to London to have dinner with the Who Cares team, and collect our camera and award along with a girl called Sarah  who'd won the over 13's.

As I'd ran off to London on my own accord many times, I think they all presumed I'd do a runner and go flying off into the distance whilst leaving my foster parents standing baffled in the center of London. But I never did, perhaps because I was simply content and enjoying myself.

Anyway, I won't yap on too much longer. So here is is. Short and sweet :)