Great times, it's happening. Poems From a Runaway is about to be born.

Yes, for the last year or so I've been a total nerd and learning how to self-publish my own book.
As I've mentioned a few times, I really hadn't a clue how much I was taking on but finally it is about to go to print this week from the 1st of December into for festive deliveries.

It's been a mammoth task, and I really must say a huge thank you to everyone that has helped me get this far.
I've put everything on the line for this book, it needed to be done though to be honest, on a personal healing level that is.

Initially i'd never planned for a christmas run, but as everything so far has gone into the book, I was thinking maybe I would sell a few copies to help me over what is going to be a skint humble winter.
But I really believe in time to come this book will be going places, something will come of it, I feel it in my bones.
Weird, positive, 'meant to be' shit is happening.

I went to the Chinese takeaway earlier to get my £3.20 chips, rice and curry sauce (living the dream man, living the dream!) and flicked through the paper to notice myself in it haha.
I completely hadn't expected this particular article inside the #Cannock Chronicle, so it was a bit of a shock.

So I ran quickly over to the Nisa to buy myself a copy, i had exactly enough, 70p.
Cracking article thanks for that!!

(I'll post the pics at the bottom of the page)

Anyway if your new to this site and still trying to work your way around, you can either view the First Fourteen of my written poems here at the following link.

Or Pre-order your copy from the paypal button below for deliveries over the festive period.
The first, 350 page colour edition of Poems From a Runaway is £13.99 + £3.50 postage.
(Just a note to say really, this isn't a sales pitch, but for the moment this book is printed on a run of less of 100 copies so they are expected to go fast.
Ordering before 3rd of December will guarantee your copy in time for Christmas, after that I will be adding the stock numbers to my paypal buttons until the next and bigger print run in March.)

Poems from a runaway - Quantity

Thanks for reading.
Big Love

From Ben

To order a signed colour copy you can order via paypal below.
The price is £18.99 including postage and packaging

Signed to
Delivery address

If you'd rather not wait until my next print run, and would like a cheap option, then I have a black and white version that you can buy direct from Amazon for £13.99 at

And also digital PDF versions are currently available for just £7 and will be sent to your paypal email address.
You can purchase a PDF of Poems From a Runaway using the paypal button below.

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