The cold-hard truths in Poems From a Runaway, that few will want to face


For those who have read the 14 preview Poems from Poems From a Runaway,  (The First Fourteen Collection) , I'm not totally sure if it gives an accurate picture of how shocking at times the book can be.

So yeah it's all real, and sometimes I wonder how on earth I'm still standing.
If going through almost every thing that could go wrong in life pretty much always on my own, and the many Christmas's I spent in my younger days walking the streets alone wasn't enough to make some people want to top themselves, then how about being kidnapped, then shouting out of a window for people to call the police, only to be completely ignored.

I shouldn't give any spoilers away I know, but perhaps it needs to be said. Perhaps people think I just spent a few days roaming the streets and that it was all a bit vague.

Perhaps I'll always be disappointing by people. I try my best to see the best in humans, and as some of you know I try to make change, I try so bloomin hard.

I'd also sat on a bridge starving and crying my eyes out at 13 before I had to go shoplifting to savagely eat what felt at the time, like the nicest and most needed baguette in the world

I just wish as a society, that we were better than that. There's only so much we can blame politicians and 'The Man' for.
The fact that this teenager/child was me, is somewhat irrelevant. I don't feel hard done by, I'm past all that. But I do feel disgusted. Sure it was twenty years ago now, but in the grand scheme of things, that's just a blimp in time.

So fix up people, start caring about the world.
Sorry if it's a sad post,  I know it will be too hard for many to want to comprehend.
But I don't do sugar-coating and beating around the bush. This is the hard-cold truth.

Peace out homies.

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