A great Resource for Social workers, foster parents and homeless support workers?


Obviously I was well chuffed when I saw this on Twitter, I and a few others have also thought it too.
If you don't already know, it's the memoirs of a runaway from the age of nine going through the care system and living on the streets of London at 13.

If work in the following related fields or are passionate about the subjects, you may find Poems From a Runaway a valuable resource in helping families, vulnerable young people and those in care.

Families and relationships, runaways. missing people, family and child psychology, social work, foster care, children's homes, life living on the streets as a teenager, homeless day centers and support services, rough sleeping, mental health, depression, youth workers, youth offending, hostels, support workers, children's rights, advocacy, care leavers, adoption, trauma, therapy, emotional wellbeing, safeguarding, bullying, counselling, domestic abuse. 

My book also sheds a light on:

The positive impacts of music and sport throughout my journey, including whilst sleeping rough.

Predatory behavior., manipulation, exploitation, and the attempts of child grooming made on me.

The world of drug addiction, crime and prostitution that I had been surrounded by.

The certain characters and living angels that made positive impacts in various ways during my experiences. 

As an independent self-published and first-time author it would be fantastic if you could help me spread the word about this book to social workers, support workers, foster parents and the like, by sharing this blog post to let them know about Poems From a Runaway.

You can read 14 of the 60 poems by clicking THIS LINK (opens in new tab)

Find out more about Poems From a Runaway HERE

You can order the full 334 page version from Amazon at the following link.

Perhaps it's important to note that despite some general readers, social workers and support workers giving some great feedback that they've enjoyed the book, I always wanted to write a book that more people would find easy to read and engage with. 
Having put this to the test, I believe this really could be a book that also helps those that perhaps haven't read for a while get back into reading again. 

I'm also selling colour signed copies via the paypal link below ;) 
Thanks for all your support and I hope my book helps people to understand the world of confused kids in care, runaways and missing people.

signed? to? how many?

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