Reflections #2

So in the poem I posted earlier - 'Springfields', it explains how I was a bit of a naughty kid in primary school.
I don't believe I was ever nasty-natured or anything, but after many years of umming and aahing I've developed a very strong suspicion that I might be one those people in the 'ADHD' camp.

There's a lot of reasons why which you might pick up on in the book as I release them day by day for those following.
If any of you are dedicated and train psychologists and stuff, then I'd love to know what you think if you've read many of the other poems. Do I fit the stereotype? I think it's possible, but not the cause of all my current problems.

One thing's for sure though, despite the opinion of some of my more hippy new age mates, I will always have a soft spot for football. I can't help it. Give me a ball now and watch me turn into a human dog. Seriously, when I see kids kicking a ball about in  the park, in my mind I want to run up and take a shot, but never do. Perhaps I should? And then just run off into the distance and disappear after a spectacular curler around the right post.
OK, so the eleven year old kick I've just kicked the ball towards at 100mph didn't stand a chance, but at least I'm happy.
My five minutes of childhood back, aah it feels good.

Do I feel bad about being the sole purpose of the tuck shop being closed down, sure I do, but at the same time I was a kid, and I forgive myself.
I'm not saying it's an excuse for kids to go and do it, no, no, no. But as an adult, you've had some time to mull over these things and gain a little wisdom ay. Well, at least some of us.

I think the ringing the fire brigade thing was just boredom really. Perhaps because I was often good at keeping my actions a secret that I didn't get taught the consequences enough.
It had never entered my mind that I'd be wasting people's resources when I 'd be ringing the fire brigade, taxi's or ordering pizza's to peoples houses.

As for the shoplifting, well, I guess it always felt I was in the poorest three families at school, although writing this now I wonder which stories I've perhaps overlooked, who knows? Especially when you learn things in this world aren't often what they seem.

For me it was jam sandwiches most day at schools, a pack of 9p No-Frills KwikSave crisps for those that can remember them, and if I was lucky a no frills kitkat.

Not that I wasn't grateful for it, but I think you get bored of having the same stuff, and when you see the kids from better off families with Caramac's and stuff you can't help but get a bit intruiged about wanting the finer things in life that you've never had.
As soon as I got into shoplifting I'd tried them all, and got a bit too into doing it until I'd finally being caught doing it.

It kinda makes me think how crime sort of works in the adult world. You wave something in someone's face or flash it off on TV, make out like anyone can get it and after many people for many years getting depressed about not being able to get those things, some of those people will get things by any means necessary.

I myself soon grew out of all that madness. I got morals these days, perhaps have grew up a lot and know it's simply much better to do something nice for someone that ruin their day and vamp on them somehow.
I think with kids though, is that in general, they just don't think of the consequences.

Anyway, just thought I'd share my thoughts. I'll be uploading poem #3 tomorrow -'Great Haywood'

Take care ;)

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