Brussels here we come :) European Parliament with Missing Children Europe

Hello folks, hope everyone's enjoying this lovely weather we've been having in the UK of late.

So yeah, it's been fantastic to have been invited to European Parliament with Missing Children EU. They are an umbrella organisation working with 31 missing children organisations across Europe.

I'm glad that the countless nights spent awake gathering email addresses and sending them has paid off, I'm proper buzzin to have been invited to read some of my book 'Poems From a Runaway' as well as share some of my experiences. I'm a little nervous about it but I'm confident I'll handle it fine and will no doubt try and laugh my way out of any awkward moments by taking the mick out of myself. (Always works for me anyway!)

Massive thanks to Missing Children Eu for inviting me, but also a massive thanks to Vi Wood from Leslie's care packages that has helped pay for my passport when I really needed it.
In fact when I received the email with the invite to Brussels, I wasn't sure if I was going to make it, think I had just over 6 weeks at the time but my passport has arrived and now it's on. (Yeeeah baby)


So this will be my first ever trip abroad in the almost 33 years that I've been alive, finally ay.
A massive thanks to Maria, Adam and another friend that said not to mention her but she knows who she is.
OK so I had to basically beg on Facebook by putting shout outs for a little help on there to get it sorted, but I'm glad I did now. I've been extremely lucky as I've found things a little difficult at times.

Why I'm selling Poems From a Runaway PDF's for donations to raise a little money. 

I'll be doing a live video with some music and poetry sometime soon, of which I'll post underneath here when I've done it. (It's getting late and may be tomorrow now I think) I'll be sending PDF copies of Poems From a Runaway to folks email address's in return for donations. Before I sound like a total scrounger, ere me out.

Despite all the promotion, blog posts, sharing my story out, interviews and stuff, sales have been a little on the lowside.
I say a little, quite drastic to be fair. I never thought all this would be so difficult.

I've had mates joke about me buying them drinks now I've released a book, but a total of £95 in amazon sales since December doesn't really buy a lot, and I'd like to fill my belly first please mate.

Friends have been telling me to go back to busking to raise some cash, but it hasn't been working out a lot lately for a variety of reasons, so I thought hey at least if I do an online blog post then hopefully I won't come back to my bedroom and another busker will already be there. And no security will tell me I can't be here, or the street cleaners won't park up and leave their engine on the van whilst cleaning the floor. (this has was literally my life last week lol)

So I thought, read a bit of poetry, maybe play a bit of music and put the links up and perhaps it's a bit like busking, and you don't need a license!

I'll but a link up to my live Facebook video soon. Watch this space :)

For those that do purchase a PDF copy of Poems From a Runaway for a donation between £2-£20, I would like to say a massive massive thank you in helping me fund my first ever 2 day trip abroad :)

Big Love.
The Ben :)

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