Reflections #40

One of my latest poems from the book I've uploaded 'Another day on Piccadilly' talks about my return back to my doorway at the back of Tokyo Joes, which faced the main street of Piccadilly across the road from Green Park.

A somewhat different head-space for me looking back, something I've not thought about until now.
It had become a familiar place, I knew people that I'd see regularly around and I'd also developed a few friendships whilst at the day center in Charing Cross.

I think meeting up with dad again and living around Walsall had sort of rubbed off on me a little.
I'd always had the odd older bully come to try and muscle me away from my pitch every now and again, but I was more confident in being stern with them by this point.
By now I actually enjoyed standing up to the bullies, and couldn't help sort of emotionally exploding when they were trying to muscle me out.
I'm really not a big fan of violence, and the most I only gave them to be honest was a shove, but they certainly didn't come back again.

This wasn't the case however regarding another story, which you'll read about soon.
I'd been in London so often for so long by this point, that despite not having four walls to sleep in, it had somewhat for me turned into 'home'.
Don't ask me what I make of that, but yeah, I think I just liked the culture or something. Much better than Walsall, I didn't have to hear the racism that I'd so often hear around, which had been a lot worse than what I'd witnessed in Rugeley and somewhat surprising for a place with higher populations of Asian and Afro-Caribbean  descendants.

I knew all the tricks to survive by this point, and had also figured out where the local soup runs were on Strand and in other areas.
The fact I was 14/15 had never entered my mind, I guess it doesn't and we all want to be a little older as a kid.
It's not until you're in your twenties and you see people enjoying themselves finally after having some guidance and discipline in their lives that you wish you'd have stuck around when you've had the opportunity.

Do I wish I was at home playing football and doing what kids do? Well yes, but in a way also, no.
And the only reason I say that is because who can blame me, I simply went to the place I had got to know best, and was also accepted.
No wonder it became my favorite place to always go back to, and I can't change any of that.

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