My story as part of the Missing People Radio 4 appeal with Jason Watkins

A few weeks back I had a chat with Jason Watkins as part of the Radio 4 appeal to help raise funds for Missing People.

Sorry it's taken me a little while to help promote this one. Due to the nature of stuff I opened up about, simply because some of the people involved may see or hear this, it's been something I was a little iffy about putting on to my blog.

Sorry to those in the family that feel I'm exposing too much to the world, but really I've still got nothing to lose by raising awareness of the sorts of things children are going through.

Jason mentions in the appeal that I was missing for five years, just to clarify (and those that have read my book or my blog will know) It was on and off for five years, but in total around forty times or something apparently.
As for standing with my nose leaning against the wall, in all fairness to my old dear, she did tell him to stop a few times after I'd been there forty-five minutes or so.
I'd usually have to do the wall-nose thing after telling him to 'eff-off' , but I felt I had my reasons.

I even avoided writing it in my book simply to try and keep the peace, I simply fobbed it off in poetry as 'a punishment that came from the army', but for those that wanted to know I meant, I guess now you know.

If anyone from the family does see this, I'm sorry you've had to see it.
I really don't hold it against anyone, people can be forgiven, but I just also want to know they care.
There's a time for keeping silent, and that time comes when decent-hearted people get what they deserve.

Anyway, this isn't about me, but about supporting Missing People, whom continue to help young people and families similar to mine.
I'm especially touched by the story of Alice whom was groomed and both her and her family were helped by Missing People, as mentioned in the appeal video below.

You can view the appeal from it's original source on the Radio 4 Website at

You can donate to Missing People via FREEPHONE 0800 4048144
Or by post by simply writing as the address 'Freepost BBC Radio 4 Appeal'. Please mark the back of the envelope 'Missing People'/
You can also donate by cheque by writing them out to 'Missing People'.

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