Matt Willis And James Bourne from Busted finally know about my book.

So for those that don't already know, just under two decades ago when I was around 14 or 15 years old, I was laying down in a doorway late at night on Piccadilly W1 about to go to sleep.
Not that anyone knew my real age, I was living life as a missing runaway teen pretending to be an adult.

Two lads got out of a taxi in front of me and the taxi drove off. 
"Spare any change at all please lads?" I said.
"We don't have any change on us, but you're welcome to come back to ours for a drink" I think it was James that said.

It was very rare for me to take up peoples offers like that, simply out of self-protection but some people you just know are sound and instinct takes over. 
So I packed up my sleeping back into my rucksack, and followed James and Matt down Piccadilly towards their hotel.

"We're in a band that's gonna be famous" I remember Matt saying whilst a little tipsy.
I actually just thought he was a pisshead spouting bollocks at first until we got to their hotel.

Those that have read Poems From a Runaway already know there is a chapter/poem in there called 'Busted' dedicated to this story, but thanks to a newfound friend creating some magic through Twitter, I'm very chuffed to say that Matt Willis and James Bourne both know about the book, and even remember me which is great and it's been fantastic to speak again.

Matt has also donated some money to my crowdfunder and James has been retweeting some of my tweets which is really helpful, thanks lads!

Not only did I want to update my friends about it but I just thought I'd let all the Busted fans know about it, because you never know one or two of them might want a copy of the book. 

Those wishing to read the full poem can pre-order colour signed paperbacks and hardbacks of Poems From a Runaway via my crowdfunding page at or buy the non-colour interior version from Amazon at

Thanks for everyone's support so far.

 Big Love.

Here's the first page of the poem 'Busted' 
...And yes the typo's will be fixed in my new edition :)

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