A poem TO a runaway.

Now I don’t know about your life,
Or why you run away.
What you’re running too,
Or what you’re simply searching for.

All I know is I’ve walked those roads,
So here’s my tips from life.

Cuz even if you don’t see it yet,
You’ll appreciate this guidance.
When your chance comes for life to feel normal,
When it comes, just fight for it.

Now I’m not saying you can always change things.
Life is complex and you may be searching for better things.
Or simply wanting to not be sat still,
Like many of us do.

And I know everyone says what I’m about to say,
There’s no avoiding that it sounds cliché,
But those things you love, those passions you have,
That’s your runaway energy that you can transform,
So whilst you’re young don’t waste it.

Not in computer games, or the mind games people play,
When you feel some things are pointless, it’s no wonder people run away.
But what I wish that I’d done, when I was your age,
Was keep focusing on what was good for me, when I’d found that out.

Sometimes it’s there, or sometimes we wait,
But when it does come, don’t run away!
That sense of freedom can soon become habit,
But when you’ve the chance to excel, then make sure you grab it!
And maybe your openness to feelings are needed in this so-called normal world.
People ask you questions, as to why you run away,
But when I was young, I too didn’t even really know myself.
I just wanted my own dreams.

But many years later, after quite a lonely childhood,
Fighting off the people that could see me out on my own,
They don’t always come with scary faces that give us warning,
But will often be those that offer to help,
When they see us out alone.

That’s why you’ve gotta fight to be you, and do what you love.
But start searching for it now, whilst you have you a home,
Because it’s a hard thing to do,
When you’ve got nowhere to sleep,
And running from the police.

That exciting feeling that you get, when you know you won’t be found,
Can instead be something more worthwhile, to turn your life around.
You need to learn about the subconscious, and how those thrills become addictive,
It’s obvious the best thing, is to keep yourself healthy and active.

Music, sports - whatever it is,
That passion you have, will be your own bliss.

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