Poems From a Runaway ebook Free to download between Friday 22nd - Tuesday 26th February

**Note, this previously 'weekend-only' promotion has now been extended so that organisations, non-profits and others can now download my eBook for free until the early hours of Wednesday morning.**

Usually £3.49 in eBook format or £14.69 in paperback on Amazon. 


Page count -
Amazon paperback - 323 pages
Colour copies from website - 350 pages

If you've somehow found this page, or it has found you - then a big hello from me :)

For those that don't already know, Poems From a Runaway is a collection of stories (most in verse) about my childhood as a child and young teenage runaway, going through the care system in Staffordshire, UK - and some of my many memories of living and sleeping rough in London's west end from the age of twelve.

As well as the stories inside my folded flyers, people might also find some more on this blog (see the sidebar) as well as on my new website at https://benwestwood.wixsite.com/runaway

For those of you that might want to still read my book 'Poems From a Runaway' but still haven't had the chance to have a ganders yet, then I'll be giving away ebook downloads between  Friday 22nd - Tuesday 26th

You can download the ebook from my amazon page at https://www.amazon.co.uk/dp/1981314350 and if you are signed up to Kindle Unlimited then it's already free for you to download.

After spending time writing to various publishers that seemed to get put off once they'd heard it was in poetry, I decided to self-publish the book in various formats with a little help from friends via crowdfunding and got in touch with as many fostering, missing children and social work organisations as one man could make possible.

Since then, and despite it still not reaching a wider audience due to this being a pretty much one-man-band affair, it's been read at European Parliament alongside missing children's charities and MEP's - and at a number of social work conferences to those interested in runaways and missing children, child psychology and trauma and children/young people living in care.
(You can find out more about all that on this blog as well as the blog on my wix website)

Downloads and orders of the book though have largely always been few and far between, so I'm hoping to get a few more of you to know about the book and that a few of you will make use of the free download this next coming weekend and consider letting myself and others know what you think by leaving a review.

I also sell higher-quality colour copies from my new website which I'll also personally sign and post off for to you at


Take care :)