My new eBook series 'This is Leatheton' coming soon. Available for pre-order

Release date - 1st July 2019
You can pre-order the 1st eBook of the series 'Welcome to Leatheton' for just £1.99

If you enjoyed the poetry reading style of 'Poems From a Runaway - A True Story' , then you'll probably love this too. It's written and laid out similarly, just as gritty, down to earth and in it's own way - a chance to reflect on the different types of people in our society.
It's also a celebration of our diverse communities.
Hopefully some of the characters in this series will remind you of some people that you know.

Although it's a work of fiction, many real moments have inspired me to write 'Welcome to Leatheton' which will go on to be part of a book series called 'This is Leatheton'.

Where is Leatheton?

The fictional town of Leatheton is based approximately 30 miles from London, England.
It was once a bustling market town many, many years ago - but has since hit hard times over the last twenty-five years.
People still try their best to enjoy themselves here though, most of them anyway.
Still it has stories.The good, the bad and the ugly.

Read how a small dog becomes a national celebrity overnight, and what happens when some of the locals cause a fuss about their local children's home.

In all there are 33 poems in 'Welcome to Leatheton', and for less than the price of a coffee you can't go wrong, and you definitely get some bang for your eBook here.

 If you're one of the very first people to read my latest (and 2nd ever) book , then please do let me know what you think, by using the hashtags #Leatheton or #ThisIsLeatheton - as well as tagging me on Twitter @PoemsFaRunaway

This short series will be available exclusive on Amazon as an eBook (for laptops, phones, tablets etc), with plans to be released on paperback in the upcoming months.

Thanks to all those that help spread the word, and I really hope you enjoy my new work. :)
Big Love.

Out July the first.
Click the eBook cover to pre-order :) 

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