My NEW fiction project will STILL feature the care system and runaways. Pre-order today.

'Welcome to Leatheton' Released on 1st July 2019 - £1.99 to pre-order on Amazon at

It's been over a year and a half since I first published by childhood story 'in-verse' Poems From a Runaway', and before I continue I just want to say a huge thanks again to those mainly on Twitter (and a few over on Facebook also) for helping this book get to where it has.

Since self-publishing my stories about running away and sleeping rough in London as a child and teenager I've been to European Parliament, various social work conferences, done heaps of blogging and interviews and the highlight of this year was meeting hundreds of great souls at the recent Care Experienced Conference in Liverpool.

Anyway without yapping on too much, I've got a new project on the go, an eBook, and I'm asking as many of you as possible to pre-order it to help me get a bit of recognition in the rankings on Amazon.
It's cheap as chips at just £1.99 to pre-order, and is well worth the bang for you eBook!
If I can get 100 people in a month to pre-order it, it will be a job well done - so although I'm really proud to present what I think is a great little book full of soul, a really big thanks to any of you that pre-order this for it's release on 1st July 2019.

I'm pleased to say that it's quite a similar format to Poems From a Runaway, in the sense that it's heaps of mini-stories weaved into one big story which is Leatheton town.

There is also a children's home poem which is based from personal experiences of living in residential care as a teenager myself.
Oddly enough, a month or so after writing this a similar real-life story happened in Stoke-On-Trent where the neighbours petitioned against the opening of a children's home.

There is also a character in my book series called Jack, whom is seven years old in the first book and lives with his mother whom is an alcoholic. There is a story in the book about when he runs away.

There's heaps more in there as you discover the characters and stories of Leatheton.
You'll also develop a relationship with Derry the dog, whom also weaves in and out of the series.

Homelessness, Mental Health, Relationships, Struggles, Randomness and Comedy.
Just like in 'Poems From a Runaway', it's all their again.

If the eBook campaign is a success, I'll publish the 'This Is Leatheton' series in paperback upon release of the last edition.
In the meantime, it's available for your phones, laptops, Kindle's and tablets in eBook format for just £1.99 and will likely save a few trees in the process.

Big Love.

Pre-order 'Welcome to Leatheton' for £1.99 at
You won't be charged until the eBook is released on 1st July 2019.

Poems From a Runaway - A True Story is also available both as an eBook (£3.49) and in paperback (£14.69)
You can also read samples of Poems From a Runaway at

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