Official Announcement - From my upcoming book - a work of reality-based fiction - children's homes

I'm soon to release my book for pre-order. >>>
This is the first ever official announcement of it in fact. I'm not even going to reveal the name of it yet. (It's coming soon so keep your eyes on this blog)

Coincidentally, I wrote this piece of fiction around a month or two before the article about the children's home in Stoke-On-Trent being petitioned.
The similarities are uncanny,

I'd like to think I was a bit psychic but perhaps this actually goes to show how massive an issue it is, the stigma of children living in homes from fear-mongering neighbors eager to make a big issue out of it by using the press.

Please note that this story is not a representation of children in care in general, but somewhat inspired by some of my own personal experiences around twenty years ago.

Enjoy and look out for my official announcements in the upcoming days and weeks on my new short project which if you enjoy the first one, might even become a series.

Anyway.. Take care and let us know what you think! :)

The children’s home

Up at the top of St Peters Road, a set of conifers will hide,
the entrance of the children’s home, that has eight kids inside.
There’s Justin, Sarah, Alfie, Robert, Crystal, Diane, Jax.
And Shane has gone to see his Mum, in three days he’ll come back.

One day there were three youngsters, inside of the home’s  car.
On their way to then go to, the next town’s cinema.
The two staff had just quickly gone, to search for their lost keys.
“Has someone took them once again?
If you have then give them please!” 

But no-one had taken the car keys, the staff were soon to see.
But where they had parked up the car, the parking space was free.
They heard some voices shouting loud, the staff ran up the street.
Robert, Diane and Jax jumped out, but Alfie’s in the driving seat.

The car is rolling down the road, he knows of his mistake -
after thinking it was funny, to let off the handbrake.
And push the car on to the road, and send it rolling down.
But now he’s hit a parked up car, and feels like a right clown.

The owner then came rushing out, and then soon called the police.
“We’re bloody sick of this kids-home, and we all just want some peace.”
They had complained to the Leatheton Gazette, of their frustrating pain.
But half of the stories weren’t the full truth, and the kid’s home often gets the blame.

They had started a petition, and wrote to their MP.
The total people that had signed it were no more than twenty-three.
It was obvious the neighbours there, were kicking up a rage.
“Children’s home gang trouble” was the headline of the front page.

They’d written in the article so much that wasn’t true.
Such as burglaries and break-ins, and drug dealing from there too.
 A social worker called Linda said “Look this just ain’t right.
We’ve got to show people the truth, and put up a good fight.”

So then she hired the Rugby club, for a whole Saturday.
Laid on some entertainment, and put on a big buffet.
Invited all the local neighbours, to meet the kids living at the home.
It was the first time ever in this town, a glimpse of their lives was shown.

The neighbours had soon come to learn, the stories from in care.
And the feelings of abandonment and the trauma in some there.
Abid Ali offered jobs, fixing phones once they’d turned sixteen.
Diane’s been offered to try out for the young women’s rugby team.

 The day went on from ten up until six, a refreshing day in Leatheton for sure.
Now Robert, Sarah and Jax have all found local foster homes,
and the petition don’t exist anymore.

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