A talk at Anglia Ruskin University, Cambridge - 29th June 2018

I must say, I had an absolutely fab day on 29th June at Anglia Ruskin university, Cambridge ,with my chat to social work students and lecturers alongside Angela Hunt and Alison Kindred-Bryne from To The Moon and Back foster care.

With only being my second event talk I was a little nervous to know I'd be sharing my story to 33 social work students and lecturers, but it turned out to be a rather lovely evening.
Although we had a few giggles during the hour and half long talk (followed by a Q&A) it was nice to hear some feedback from social work students and social workers that believed I had a valuable message to send out.

One social worker even came up to me and told me that I'd made her realise about decisions she had been involved with that perhaps she hadn't realised had made such an impact on the young persons life.

Big massive hats off to Alison and Angela for this, I'm so chuffed to have worked alongside them in an event which I presume must have taken a fair bit of tinkering away.
It's fantastic that a new foster care company has taken so much initiative to not only hold a close ear to the echos of care-leavers, but also work hard to enable that message to be passed on to the next generations of social workers.
I'm actually quite humbled.

You can find out more about To The Moon and Back Foster Care at the following link -


Have a great day.
Ben Westwood ;)

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